Andrew Barker
Tales of Xillia DLC Pricing Guide, New Videos
Star Driver DLC video and... a whole video dedicated to accessories!?
09.02.11 - 3:37 AM

Considering that Tales of Xillia isn't even out until next week in Japan, the amount of DLC already announced and ready to go is quite surprising. To help you get your head around it, you might want to check out the image below. It includes all the announced DLC costumes so far and how much each one will set you back.

Tales of Xillia DLC Chart

Here's what's what:

  • Pre-order bonus 15th anniversary costumes (top left).

  • Six Star Driver costumes, at 500 yen each (left column, second from the top).

  • Three Idolmaster 2 costumes, at 300 yen each (left column, this from the top).

  • Ayumi Hamasaki bonus costume. Comes with her latest CD release (left column, fourth from the top).

  • Four hair attachment sets, at 100 yen each set (left column, bottom).

  • Six school outfits, at 300 yen each (right column, top).

  • Six swimsuits, at 300 yen each (right column, second from the top).

  • Six maid and butler outfits (right column, third from the top). No price yet.

  • Six costumes from past Tales games, at 300 yen each (right column, bottom).

Hope you're saving up.

Moving on, it will come as a surprise to no one that two more videos have been released for Tales of Xillia. The first video is a brief teaser for the Star Driver DLC costumes.

The second is all about accessories. As you might expect, by attaching them to your characters you can increase certain stats. However, Tales of Xillia takes it to a whole new level of customisation with the ability to change each item's position, orientation, size, and colour. Check it out below!

Tales of Xillia releases on September 8th in Japan.


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