Liz Maas
Final Fantasy Type-0: More Characters, Chocobo Breeding And Other Tidbits
One last gander at this one before it hits shelves in Japan!
10.25.11 - 4:55 AM

With Final Fantasy Type-0 finally releasing in Japan this week (five years after it was announced no less), we have one last media update and round of game info. This one adds even more characters to its already-large cast, plus chocobo breeding and airships. You know, in case you had any doubt this was a Final Fantasy title.

Emina, an officer, was once a classmate of Kurasame and Kazusa. She doesn't head up any of the classes though, but she's apparently got lots of fans. She's also an avid swimsuit collector, though she has never been seen in one. (Of course, now that we've said that, chances are she'll be seen in a swimsuit in-game...)

Artwork Screen Screen

The aforementioned Kazusa is a researcher at Suzaku known for his 'interesting theories.' Even though he, Elmina and Kurasamu no longer go on missions together, they are still close friends.

Artwork Screen Screen

Quon is the most knowledgeable on the subject of magic at Suzaku. He seems to care about little else, rather he is always searching for new magic, and the 'ultimate' magic.

Artwork Screen Screen

The intelligent Mutsuki is an inventor who's often seen with bombs she made herself.

Artwork Screen Screen

Ryid's mother is from Genbu, while he himself trains in hopes that he can protect others.

Artwork Screen Screen

Even though Tiz is dressed like your Class 0 characters, she remains a mysterious character. Lean travels with her, although he's dressed in a Byakko uniform - that is, the attacking nation.

Screen Screen

Chocobo breeding - my favourite sidequest in Final Fantasy VII (though really the racing was the fun part) - makes a return in Type-0. Your school, Suzaku, has its own ranch where you can bring back chocobos you've caught on the world map. Bring a male and a female, and the staff will tell you what type of chocobo you'll get when they procreate. The example given was a male chocobo, a female army chocobo and some kind of vegetable would result in an 'attack chocobo.' After the deed is done you're left with an egg to eventually hatch.

Screen Screen Screen

More than one airship are accessible, too. At first you'll have Suzaku's airship, but it only goes to preset destinations. Later on you get your own, which you can take anywhere. The downside is you'll have to fight off enemies even while travelling in the air.

Screen Screen Screen

Other screenshots (see gallery linked far below) include a bunch of familiar monsters, character-specific abilities, the Suzaku Archives where you can revisit anything from the game you've already seen (from events to characters to enemies), and some from cutscenes.

And while we're at it, here's a recent trailer. You can hear the theme song Zero, by Bump of Chicken:

Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP releases this Thursday in Japan. If you're looking into the downloadable version, you'll want to make space on your PSP memory stick for a 2.4 GB install. Otherwise, the retail version comes with two UMDs - and you'll have to disc-swap more than once, so don't use the first one as a frisbee or coaster or anything.


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