Liz Maas
Digimon World Re:Digitize Details
And lots of them, to go with yesterday's media.
11.30.11 - 11:48 PM

Yesterday brought a ton of Digimon World Re:Digitize media, but the accompanying details came a day later. As mentioned awhile back, the PSP title borrows a lot from the original Digimon World game, but is not considered a remake. The original is a PlayStation title from 1998, whereas the next few games mixed thinks up, going from traditional to action RPG.

The main character of Digimon World Re:Digitize is a fan of Digimon, which in the game's real world, is an online game. One day he gets the mysterious e-mail that sucks him into the digital world after he cracks its code. As we know, Digimon actually exist in this world, and although the main character starts out with an Agumon, he can have different ones too. In the game these digital monsters have five different stages of evolution: baby, rookie, champion, ultimate, and mega. What they change into depends on what their stats are like.

As the main character you'll need to take care of your Digimon when it gets injured, sick, hungry and so on, and you'll also need to make sure they, well, use the bathroom. Or at least, whatever the Digimon equivalent of a toilet is. Some of their gauges are things like happiness and discipline - yes, you get to scold or praise your Digimon which affects the happiness meter. Those with higher discipline are more likely to listen to you in battle, but they also have less of a lifespan. Once they die, a newborn Digimon will inherit some of its skills and stats... unless you didn't pay the old one much attention, them some of these won't carry over.

You'll encounter and get into battle with wild Digimon as they wander around the field. Training them makes a return in Re:Digitize, something that helps you increase some of their stats, like Intelligence. In battle, your 'commands' to the Digimon are described as more general, and you can unlock more of these as you increase their intelligence. Battles, including item use, are in real-time, and you'll get to see your monsters perform special attacks as well.

Digimon World Re:Digitize releases next year in Japan. If you missed yesterday's gallery update, be sure to check it out below.


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