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Conception: Please Have My Babies Media Added
Plus some explanations on maidens, children, and the baby-making machine.
03.21.12 - 3:03 PM

The very strange concept behind Spike's PSP RPG Conception: Please Have My Babies! is one that's captured lots of attention, but who knows if it's enough to get the game localized? You'll have noted from previous articles that the babymaking process isn't done by the, er, traditional method. After you convince thirteen (not twelve, as previously reported, as apparently this includes your cousin or possible childhood friend) 'maidens' to bear your star children, the kids in turn help you fight the Kegare, demons which have invaded the current world you're in.

Upon meeting a possible mother of one of your many children, you'll have to interact and develop your relationship both in conversation and while in dungeons, and so their feelings towards you are reflected in KP. If your baby with her is born when you two have a higher KP, the stronger the child will be in battle.

When it comes time to bear a child, you and the maiden in question will put your spirit inside a Matryoshka doll container. Of these, there are types that will determine what kind of attributes your baby will have. A red doll will give your baby extra strength, while a green one will give him or her wind elemental properties. You'll find more of these in dungeons and dropped by fallen enemies.

You might also consider timing the birth if your child right, as they will be stronger if they are born in the same month as their sign - in-game, of course. Once they're born, you choose their job, such as fighter, monk, archer, mage, cleric, and so on. You can even make them a thief! Also available are some higher-class jobs, such as a mage knight, berserker and paladin.

Below in our gallery you'll find the latest screenshots, plus artwork of the maidens and the jobs mentioned above. Conception: Please Have My Babies! releases on PSP in Japan on April 26th.


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