Mike Salbato
Legend of the Time Star Wants to Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy
A (potential) upcoming retro-styled action RPG that harks back to 16-bit gaming.
05.05.12 - 1:02 AM

By now you've probably noticed there's been a major increase in the amount of game developers looking to Kickstarter for support these days. So why should you care about Legend of the Time Star, a potential upcoming action RPG from indie game 'collective' Attack Mountain? It might depend on your love of the 16-bit era of RPGs. Many RPG fans today who have been playing games for awhile have fond memories of their favorite SNES or Genesis RPG. Whether your RPGs used "Fantasy" or "Phantasy" in their title, some RPGs from that time are still held as some of the best RPGs ever created.

Growing up with these same games, the people at Attack Mountain want to bring those warm, fuzzy feelings back to us. They do this not merely by fashioning 2D graphics with a low pixel count, but by embracing the 'feeling' that one would get when playing games back in the day. That said, Legend of the Time Star is to include some more modern features, such as customizable stats and a skill tree on your hero, and an interesting Forge System that will let you mix and match different hilts and blades to create a wide variety of weapons.

Attack Mountain wants to make sure you know there's some real talent behind their game - from people that have worked with the likes of EA and Konami to game composer Jake "virt" Kaufman (who you may know from his work on the beloved Shantae series, or from game remix site OverClocked Remix). Below are a few pieces of art from the game by Lead Artist Dudu Torres:

There's much more information than I can get into here available on Legend of the Time Star's Kickstarter page, and I encourage you to take a look. You'll learn more about the team's motivation behind developing the title, as well as its vaguely Star Ocean-esque setting (in which technology meets a less-civilized world, and what that means for its inhabitants).

Legend of the Time Star certainly shows promise, though with less than three weeks to go to secure funding, the team is going to need some real support to bring this game to the market. Donation perks include an exclusive wallpaper, a personalized in-game character, producer credits, an art book, soundtrack, and the most expensive steak dinner you'll ever have.

If that's not enough, among the cast of characters is a race of kiwi birds named The Kiwar. Kiwis! Why has this not been done before?


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