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RPGFan's Guide To Black Friday 2012
Because we all need to increase our gaming backlogs, amirite?!
11.22.12 - 4:02 AM

So it's almost Christmas shopping season and what better (and by better I mean worse) time to start than on Black Friday?! And this year, the outlets can hardly wait until you've digested your Thanksgiving dinner: Some US retailers, like Target and Wal-Mart, begin their sales Thursday night, while others start on Friday.

Like in previous years, we compiled a list of what's on sale that RPG fans might be interested in. This is just what's known and been advertised - there could still be some surprises on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) itself.



Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, $29.99
Game of Thrones, $19.99
Skyrim $39.99
Diablo III $39.99
Dark Souls $14.99
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance $19.99
Dead Island $9.99

Wal-Mart (Nov. 23rd-25th)

Dead Island, $9
Borderlands 2, $39
Skyrim, $39
Diablo III, $39

Future Shop / Best Buy - Nov. 23-29th?

Borderlands 2, $40



Dragon's Dogma $40
Fable The Journey $30
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition $20
Skyrim $30
Borderlands 2 $40
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance $20
Heroes of Ruin $20
Diablo III $30
WoW Cataclysm $10


Borderlands 2 $25
Skyrim $25
Borderlands GotY $15
Fable: The Journey, $15
Super Paper Mario, $15
Dead Island $10

Best Buy

Borderlands 2 $35
Diablo III $35
Dead Island GotY $8
Darksiders II $30 (doorbuster)
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance $15


Borderlands 2 $35 (Thursday daytime)
Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition (360 version) $15 (Friday morning)
Fable: The Journey $30


Amazon.com - Note: these are date AND time-specific!

Thursday, November 22nd:
Skyrim $25, 5:10-9:10 AM
Darksiders II, $29.99 1:10-5:10 PM
Mass Effect 2 (PS3 only) $7, 9:10 - 11:45 PM

Friday November 23rd:
Borderlands $15, 5:10-9:10 AM

Xbox Live (now-Monday)

Darksiders II's DLC, 280 MSP each (50% off)
Dead Island's DLC, 400 MSP each (50% off)

PlayStation Network

Ultimate Editions (game bundled with all its DLC):
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, $35 ($28 if you're a PlayStation+ member)
Mass Effect 2, $35 ($28 PS+)

Square Enix Online Store (Nov. 22nd-26th)

Dead Island $10
Final Fantasy XIII-2 $15
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance $20


Borderlands 2 $25
Fable: The Journey $15

And of course, Steam is having various sales until the 27th. As usual, check back every day or so for new deals - as of this posting their current ones include The Walking Dead's entire season for $12.49 and Darksiders II for $16.99.

There's loads of other deals, like hardware bundles, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, controllers and so on, depending on where you look. Thankfully you can get most of these deals online so you don't necessarily have to fight the crowds. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


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