John McCarroll
XSEED Announces RPG-Filled 2013 Lineup
And Killer Is Dead, for those of you who care about the one non-RPG.
01.31.13 - 9:35 AM

XSEED Games has announced their lineup for 2013, and it's a doozy for RPG fans. Alongside Suda 51's action game Killer Is Dead, XSEED is publishing four RPGs that will appeal to a variety of gamers.

First on the list is Rune Factory 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. Continuing the tradition of the previous Rune Factory titles, this one combines Harvest Moon-style farming with dungeon crawling. New to this iteration is the ability to select either a male or female character alongside new romance options. As prince or princess of Selphia, the player character will also be able to manage the village. Rune Factory 4 is slated for a summer release.

XSEED also has a pair of PlayStation Vita titles for show (and alongside Soul Sacrifice and Muramasa Rebirth, the Vita is looking pretty good this year.) Valhalla Knights 3 brings the trademark party-based combat to the PlayStation Vita. With seven races and twenty jobs available for character creation, two sub-jobs are also equippable, making sure your party will always be unique compared to a friend's. Valhalla Knights 3 is slated for Fall 2013.

More importantly for Vita fans is Ys: Memories of Celceta, a re-imagining of Ys IV. Featuring a boatload more enemies than previous Ys games and the largest overworld, this Vita iteration also features a high-definition Adol exploring a land while - surprisingly - suffering from amnesia. Ys: Memories of Celceta will also see release in the fall.

Last, but certainly not least, is another Ys game - and it's coming soon. Ys I & II Chronicles+ for PC will launch on Steam in February. This isn't the first time that XSEED has released this title, as the PSP also saw an iteration of Ys I & II Chronicles. Labeled as an "enhanced remake", it's unclear what's been added to this new PC version other than Steamworks.

"This will be an amazing year for us," said Ken Berry, Executive Vice President of XSEED Games. "Our portfolio continues to expand and it's evident by this stellar lineup of titles, so we're excited to share more details and hear what our fans are most looking forward to playing in the coming year."

This lineup is also supplemented by the previously announced Pandora's Tower for Nintendo Wii.


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