Andrew Barker
New Atelier Escha & Logy Video And Details
It's 46 minutes long!
05.16.13 - 10:04 PM

Gust have just released a new gameplay video for their upcoming PS3 title Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and yes, it's a massive 46 minutes long. Check it out below and then keep scrolling as we talk a bit more about the new features it reveals:

Firstly, the video discusses the atmosphere of the game and how it is similar to Atelier Ayesha. The shortcut mechanic that allows you to quickly jump between places in a town will return, but the developers have also promised more areas to explore than ever before. Exploration in each area will be the same as past titles and involve fighting monsters and picking up alchemy-related items. This time around, there will be a feature included to help you quickly jump between areas in dungeons you've previously beaten.

On the following screen, you can see a list of options with one of them highlighted. This list shows areas that have new events and will be accessible at any time. You'll be able to tackle these events are your own leisure, but have less chance of missing out on them than in previous titles.

In the next screen, Escha and Logy discuss alchemy. Escha explains to Logy that she learned how to perform alchemy by watching her mother even though she had never been properly taught. Logy encourages her to take learning the professions more seriously which seems to frustrate Escha.

Logy then apologises by saying perhaps he just doesn't understand and asks Escha to talk to him about it more. She seems quite enthusiastic about it. Gust have described Logy as a kind person, but someone who isn't afraid to tell people off for a good or important reason.

When playing each character, Escha will be more focused on alchemy while Logy's side is more about creating and enhancing weapons. Unlike past titles, alchemy in this game will be more focused on elemental attributes. When creating items, you can fill up elemental bars for extra bonuses. Gust also suggested that perhaps items you use in alchemy won't be expended like in previous titles, though they were intentionally vague on how exactly this would work.

Finally, the battle system was discussed. This time around, you can have up to six characters in your party at once and the kind of action each one uses determines their turn order. The support gauge (bottom right on the screen) will will still be used for defence and covering other party members, but will have use in offensive options this time too. Escha and Logy will even have a special "Double Draw" combo they can perform together.

Gust also pointed out that the game will load very quickly. Always a nice bonus!

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is due for a June 27th release in Japan. No announcement yet for an overseas release, though we're sure to get one.


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