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Ages of Amazones Trailer, Details
An all-female prison break RPG from Arc System Works? Yes.
09.16.13 - 2:55 PM

Developer Arc System Works is well known for fighting titles like Guilty Gear and Persona 4 Arena. But it doesn't hurt to try something new, so how about a Nintendo 3DS dungeon RPG about an all-female prison? Well, that's exactly what Ages of Amazones is.

Players take on the role of one of the prisoners on the prison planet of Uruca. The cast is all-female, and you'll have to fight the other inmates in the planet's dungeons, many of whom share the same goal: to escape the world altogether via a spaceship hidden somewhere on Uruca. Don't worry, you'll have some of the girls fighting by your side. Below is the game's first trailer:

The main character, a blonde named Gantai, fight with handguns and army knives. She was caught when rebelling against the government. She doesn't smile much, and comes across much like a soldier type. She is great at strategy, but less thrilled by actual battle, along with petty arguments. She wears the eyepatch over a gold eye that holds a power called 'The King's Eye.'

Gantai is joined by Kuonichi, who in battle has rather ninja tendencies: kunai, short swords, shuriken, and smoke grenades. She is usually overcome by her shyness, and tries to stick to speaking older Japanese when she can. The excitable Shin Iri carries explosives, and is described as clumsy, but 'twisted.' She's grown to dislike humankind, only she is fond of Gantai.


Queen likes katanas and folding fans. Though she's short-tempered like Gantai and confident, she also has a big-sister nature to her. Unlike Gantai, she'll allow herself to smile and laugh... when taking does enemies. Maria has poor eyesight and keeps glasses with her at all times.. which is important considering she uses sniper rifles. She's described as calm and dignified, and her past is a mystery. Hime, as young and cute as she seems, is also selfish, wishy-washy, and unable to sit still. She packs grenade launchers, machine guns and chain guns as her arsenal.


As you probably noticed, these girls go up against the likes of tenshi with purple wings and mermaid pirates - you can thank Miyama-Zero (High School DxD) and Shigetaka Kimura (Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus) for the character designs.

Age of Amazones has a tile-based dungeon system (think Etrian Odyssey), but there is an automap feature as well. Players progress through dungeons to trigger story events, sidequests and eventually to reach the next point above ground on the map. Battles themselves are turn based, with two meters: Action Points, used up by regular attacks, and battery power, depleted via special ones. Battery power will have to be refilled by switching characters, or using certain skills.

Age of Amazones for 3DS goes on sale in Japan on November 14th.


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