John McCarroll
Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika Announced For North America
Well, that was really nice of Sony.
04.14.14 - 10:46 AM

Sony has announced a trio of RPGs headed to the PS Vita this year, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines.

The only title with a set release date is Soul Sacrifice: Delta, coming on May 13th. An improved version of the 2013 release, Delta includes a new faction, Grim, whose focus is neutrality. Alongside that, the standard expansion content, like new sorcerers, enemies, spells, and quests, find themselves alongside improved graphics, weather effects, and a tweaked spell system. Are you a Soul Sacrifice veteran who doesn't want to lose your progress? Worry not, as your progress will carry over.

Next is Freedom Wars, an action-RPG taking place in a dystopia where prisoners are born with a million-year sentence. You must fight for your right to live and complete missions to chip away at your prison sentence. Featuring four-player local and eight-player online multiplayer, you'll be able to fight to be free with your friends. As expected with any game that shares similarities with Monster Hunter and Gods Eater Burst, there's a ton of customization to be had. Be sure to check out the announcement trailer below.

Last up is Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, known as Ore no Shikabane o Koete Yuke on the other side of the pacific, translated roughly as "Go Forth Over My Dead Body. You control members of an ancient Japanese clan who live for a mere two years. To lift the curse, you must enlist the help of gods inspired by mythology to make sure future generations are more powerful.

Both Freedom Wars and Oreshika don't have a set release date, but will be released this year.


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