Andrew Barker
E3 2014: Kemco Announces Four New Titles For Localisation
Get your traditional turn-based RPG fix.
06.17.14 - 9:26 PM

During E3, I had a chance to visit mobile RPG developer Kemco to learn more about their upcoming titles. Four new games were revealed for localisation at unspecified dates later this year: Illusion of L'Phalcia, Grace of Letoile, Shining Mars, and Valkyria Soul.

Illusion of L'Phalcia features a 2D overworld with 3D models used in combat. It follows a "Seeker" and his partner who travel around the world in search of long-lost treasures and secrets. Though a traditional RPG, it features a tangram-like system where you can place gems to augment abilities. Take a look at the trailer:

A fully 2D turn-based RPG, Grace of Letoile follows the main characters who seek to save their parents who are lost in the past. A Chronos skill plate can be used to assign skills and be rotated depending on your needs. Take a look for yourself:

Shining Mars takes an isometric approach with its visuals, but retains the standard turn-based system Kemco uses. The story revolves around students and some sort of great mystery they uncover, but little else is known at this stage. Check out the trailer:

Finally, Valkyria Soul allows you to battle with and fuse monsters. Set in a world after Ragnarok, the undead are a constant threat. It will also feature online multiplayer where you can fight other players across the globe. You can view the trailer below:


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