John Tucker
Disgaea 5 To Be Bigger Than Ever, All About Revenge
Trust me... that's mighty big.
09.04.14 - 8:06 PM

Have you ever played a Disgaea game and thought, "This is fun, but it was over so soon!?" Neither have I, and I love the series.

With the ability to take your characters up to level 9999, the non-story aspects of Disgaea have always been massive, but if you'd prefer more volume in the rest of the game, Nippon Ichi has the game for you: Disgaea 5.

This week, NIS announced that their upcoming release for Playstation 4 will feature multiple Netherworlds, and that demons from each of them will be uniting in a quest for revenge against the Demon Emperor, Void Dark.

Revenge will be a major theme in Disgaea 5, and a demon boy named Kilia will be the one leading the charge. Joining him from the "Gorgeous" Netherworld will be a demon lord named Seraphine, who is the daughter of an upper-class family there. The two of them will also be accompanied by Usalia, demon lord from the "Rabbit Rabbit" Netherworld, who is said to get very violent if she doesn't eat curry. (Who among us doesn't?)

Discussing the game, NIS President Sohei Niikawa said, "We thought about going multi-platform with PlayStation 3, but doing so would've made the PS3 the standard. Since we're making it, I want to be able to offer something that could only be done with the PlayStation 4."

The limitations on a PS3 version are apparently technical in nature, at least in part, as he also said, "The number of characters that can be displayed at once has vastly grown. On the PlayStation 3 it was limited to 10 characters shown in high definition, but the PlayStation 4 can display 100 characters."

Disgaea 5's appearance on the console is still a while off, with an expected Japanese release date in Spring 2015, but we'll continue to bring you all of the updates on the game here at RPGFan until then.


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