Andrew Barker
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Will Include Numerous Changes From the PSP Game
Including changed level of difficulty and the removal of multiplayer.
09.07.14 - 10:38 PM

In an interview at PAX Prime with SiliconEra, Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata spoke on what changes he would be making from the game's original PlayStation Portable version.

"The biggest point that I wanted to revisit and refresh was the combat balance," he explained. "We're still in the midst of doing so, but we're definitely revisiting the combat balance for the Xbox One and PS4 versions."

He went on to say how he'd heard many players hadn't made it through to the end of the PSP game. "The PSP version was very fast-paced, and very hard, and there were many players that didn’t reach the end. That being said, I wanted to include difficulty modes into this version, which we've done, and it's really helped to balance the game as a whole. Hopefully this will let people play until the end. Obviously, RPGs are long and they can take quite a bit of time to get through, but I put care into making the conclusion worth your while. I think it’ll be something that hits the player emotionally—and I really, really want players to make it to the end!"

Of course, when bringing a portable game to a home console, some mechanics and features may not work exactly the same. "There will be some type of feature implemented to replace the sleep-mode leveling," Tabata said. "We're in the midst of talking about how to go about doing so."

"As for the ad-hoc multiplayer, that function was originally created under the assumption that people would come together to play their PSP game in the same room. When thinking about what to do for the console version, whether we would include it or whether we would focus on the story, we ultimately decided to cut the multiplayer option out of the game... [so it can come] to fans as early as possible. Rather than do something half-hearted, we wanted just cut it."

No release date has been announced for Final Fantasy Type-0 yet, but Tabata has said he hope it will be released within a year.


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