Robert Steinman
More Information on Final Fantasy Explorers Revealed
Class types and Trance mechanics galore!
10.01.14 - 11:13 PM

Square Enix has been giving out a lot of information on Final Fantasy Explorers lately, and a newly released developer video showcases some of the class dynamics and elaborates on the mysterious Trance system.

Though there are many jobs in Final Fantasy Explorers, each one falls into a distinct category; attackers deal the main damage, tanks absorb enemy attacks, healers keep the party alive, and buffers enhance friends and strengthen the group. Finding a delicate balance of group tactics will be key to finding success.

The Trance system allows for some of the most devastating attacks in the game. Once your character goes Trance, they have access to two kinds of powers. The first allows you to summon beasts, where series mainstays like Ifrit and Shiva will blow the enemies away with powerful attacks. The second power allows you to borrow abilities from classic Final Fantasy characters. I'm sure fellow editor Stephen Meyerink is hoping for Zidane from Final Fantasy IX to show up, but I'm holding out for Kefka.

Check out the video above to get a sense of some of the battle tactics and abilities for each class. You can see the dragoon using the classic jump attack and the geomancer laying down traps to help fight a summoned creature fans will probably recognize. Final Fantasy Explorers is set to release on December 18th in Japan for 3DS. Please bring this to the US, Square Enix!


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