Mike Salbato
My My, There's a Familiar Face in FFXIV's New Dungeon
You Final Fantasy XI players will especially find this one interesting.
10.07.14 - 1:33 AM

Well, well. Let's all thank Gamer Escape for poking around GAME Watch and digging up these beauties, shall we?

In tonight's lovely media set, we finally get a nice, full-resolution look at the new dungeons and more in this month's Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn update, Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice.

First up, we have images from the all-new dungeon in Coerthas, Snowcloak. Along with a goobue's abominable snowman-esque cousin, we finally get to see the arrival of the wolf Fenrir! A known menace to Final Fantasy XI players, we've seen FFXIV artwork for Fenrir as far back as 2012 or earlier, so it's exciting to finally see him materialize in-game.

(All of the images in this article link to our gallery where you can view any image at full scale)

We also get our first look at some areas and enemies in the two new Hard mode dungeons. Seen here is a deadly-looking laser from The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard), and an equally-deadly-looking electric scorpion from Sastasha (Hard). Both are good examples of how the Hard modes may remix dungeon settings, but give them a new look, along with brand-new enemy types:

Finally, we'll close with Dreams of Ice's most prominent feature: No, not Shiva, as big a deal as she is. I'm talking about the new Rogue class and Ninja job, i.e. the classes you're going to see thousands of on patch day. We've not seen how the gear scales to every race on these classes before, but now we have some heroic group shots of each, so no matter if you're a Lalafell or Elezen, you can see how you'll look in your sneaky new gear:

There's plenty more images (and a hi-res artwork render of Fenrir) for Patch 2.4 in our updated FFXIV gallery, so check it out. We're not expecting any more major Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice news prior to next week's Las Vegas Fan Fest, but you never know!


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