Liz Maas
Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Patch 2.4 Goes Live October 28th
And the DPS queues are about get worse than Turn 3.
10.21.14 - 12:42 AM

Over the weekend in Las Vegas, Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's next major patch will go live on October 28th. While we know a lot about patch 2.4, Dreams of Ice, yesterday we learned about Final Coil, ninja and more.

We saw a little bit of the Final Coil of Bahamut in last week's lengthy trailer. There will be four turns, with turns 3 and 4's bosses being major spoilers of course, and item drops that will upgrade gear, presumably the gear bought with the new Allagan tomestones of Poetics. The last section of the raid seems to have new music going by the trailer... but I'm not sure if I want that giant glowing ball to be a new Dalamud, or a giant mothership-ADS.

The Second Coil will be added to Duty Finder, but the devs will wait and see how players progress before implementing any Echo buff. They would like to make the Stoned Curse effect from Turn 7 less extreme, however, as players currently die instantly if they're attacked while stoned.

The ninja job will be unlocked by getting the rogue class to 30, and pugilist to 15. The panel says the class will be based on the dexterity stat, but when asked, also suggested that it would share gear with monk - a job that's strength-based. In addition, ninja can set cross-class skills from lancer. And speaking of ninjas.. no, we will not see Yugiri's face quite yet.

Much to the delight of many, the Hildibrand storyline will continue, and Final Fantasy VI fans will want to keep up with this one, as a boss fight with Ultros and Typhon was shown off during the live letter - complete with VI's boss battle music. The team confessed that they did not expect Hildibrand to be as popular as he is, but that the quests will continue. Only, even they do not know in what direction the stories will go.

Drop rates were also a frequently-asked question - in the patch, the drop rate of the Atma crystals will be 'more than doubled,' and we can also expect an increase on the horse mounts from the EX primals, as well as the mirrors from Leviathan EX.

The housing wards will also double in size, increasing from 30 to 60 plots each. Further into the future, the 'eternal bond' system will be implemented in patch 2.45, where players will submit applications on the Lodestone and be given a date and time, after which they can send out invites to friends in-game. The Golden Saucer will come sometime after patch 2.5, with mini-games like triple triad, snowboarding, and chocobo racing - for which players can breed and raise their own birds.

One announcement that got very mixed reaction from the fans was the cash shop, where in-game items like minions, mounts, phantasia (per character) and past event costumes. Some minions were shown as up to $5, but mounts like Sleipnir (Odin's horse) didn't show a price. Square promises the cash shop will always be vanity only, and that the game will never be 'pay to win.'

With patch 2.4 available in a week, expect a review in the future, and stay tuned for more details on the just-announced expansion!


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