Liz Maas
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Details, Trailer, Gallery Added
Dragoons everywhere, rejoice. Just don't die in the process.
10.21.14 - 2:32 AM

As you have no doubt learned by now (especially if you follow us on Twitter!), Square Enix opened the Las Vegas Final Fantasy Fan Festival on Saturday by announcing Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion, Heavensward. And they did so by way of this lovely CG teaser trailer:

Heavensward opens up a very long-awaited area of Eorzea: Ishgard. The next city-state, which lies just north of central Coerthas, has been at war with Dravania - home to a race of dragons - for a mere thousand years. Players will have a key role in this war, since it's central to the expansion after all. And now you know why that pretty trailer is so heavily focused on the Dragoon job. (Do you see me complaining?!)

In Ishgard itself we will see the very apparent division between the rich and the poor, and so in this expansion the design has taken a much darker look both there, and in many of the other new areas. Heavensward, as the name suggests, takes to the skies in many ways, as we'll see floating continents and even build our own airships. Will we get flying chocobos? Stay tuned!

The level cap will increase to 60 not just for battle classes, but for crafters and gatherers as well. A new playable race will be available, as well as new jobs which, although they haven't been revealed, have had rampant speculation already. (Dark Knight and Samurai, anyone?) The devs had recently promised a new tank and healer to balance out the number of DPS available, especially with ninja being released in next week's patch.

New enemies, beast tribes, recipes, primals, dungeons and raids are also being added, but details have yet to come. With the London Fan Festival just around the corner, we should expect to learn more details next Sunday, so stay tuned.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is currently scheduled for a spring 2015 release. Be sure to check out our brand new gallery, below!


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