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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - Dark Knight, Flying Mounts & More
The fan festivities continue in London.
10.25.14 - 2:44 PM

As a follow-up to the announcements made at last weekend's Las Vegas Fan Festival, the news on Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward continued out of today's second Fan Festival, taking place in London.

The big reveal - which was heavily teased last weekend by way of Batman and Christopher Nolan references - was the Dark Knight job. Wielding a two-handed greatsword (along with 'the power of darkness' aka magic) and playing a tank role, the dark knight will not require a base class, unlike Final Fantasy XIV's current jobs - it will simply be available with the expansion. Maybe.

Also talked about were new beast tribes and their Primals. The Gnath worship Ravana, who should be familiar among Vagrant Story fans. The Vanu Vanu's god is Bismarck, whom players will fight in the air, presumably with airships.

And on the topic of airships, today's news also confirmed personal airships in Heavensward, along with black (flying) chocobos. These additions make sense given the sky theme of the expansion, and so at the event there was more emphasis on floating islands, and exploration in such places. Other flying mounts will be available, with at least six currently planned.

Yoshida also addressed concerns raised over the 'cash shop' announced last weekend. He once again iterated that the cash shop will never be 'pay to win' and that it will be limited to vanity items - last week we saw that minions, mounts and fantasia will be available. The minions. he says, aren't exclusive to the cash shop.

Finally, Yoshida once again teased that there will be a new job revealed at the next Fan Festival, which will take place in Tokyo in December. His only hint was a 007 T-shirt, which has led to much speculation around a gunner or agent-type class. This came after he originally took to the London stage dressed a Black Mage.

There was also discussion of opening up a European data centre, which the team is in fact implementing after many complaints of lag in connection-dependent fights like the Titan trials. They stressed the emphasis on multiple EU servers.

Be sure to stay tuned for more media as it becomes available!


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