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More Xenoblade Chronicles X Artist Announcements
Just because it has giant robots doesn't mean it's all about sci-fi.
12.16.14 - 6:40 AM

Xenoblade Chronicles X's director, Tetsua Takahasi, announced on his twitter that two new artists that will be joining his team.

First is Yoko Tsukamoto, who has been brought on to express that Xenoblade Chronicles X isn't just a world built on sci-fi. Tsukamoto worked as an illustrator on games like Half-Minute Hero, Lord of Vermilion and the first Xenoblade.

The second artist joining the team will be Takashi Kojo who has worked on games like Gravity Rush, Sol Trigger and 7th Dragon 2020-II.

"His solemn landscapes are fantastic, but this time around I've mainly put him in charge of enemy designs," Tetsua-san said. "His designs for large enemies are particularly great, and the strongest unique enemy [in the game] is also his creation. The Growth Soldiers which you'll probably see the most throughout the game (and crush, lol) were also designed by him."

Xenoblade Chronicles X is currently in development for the Wii U with no set release date.


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