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New Kemco RPG Grace of Letoile Now Available
No indication that one of these time-travelling dolls is named Chucky.
01.06.15 - 4:04 PM

Forgive me for that sub-headline, I've got Brad Dourif on the brain for some reason... but that's irrelevant! What is relevant is that Kemco recently released a new RPG called Grace of Letoile, which is now available on the Google Play Store for Android. Said game features automatons known as Letoiles, with the ability to travel through time. Grace of Letoile would normally cost $7.99 US, but in celebration of its release, Kemco is offering it for just $3.99. Check out the trailer and plot synopsis from the official press release below!

"Letoiles are unusual automated dolls with a special ability, the ability to control time. Whoever is victorious in the battles to steal the Sertzes, the cores of the Letoiles, can have any wish come true. Vedley is a young man who decides to make a pact with the first of the Letoiles, and to take part in these games in order to try and bring his parents, who he lost when he was only a child, back to life. In the fierce battles, the hopes and ambitions of the participants are each laid bare, and interact with each other. So... Let the battles begin!"


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