David Brown
Voice Actor Says Kingdom Hearts III to Arrive in 2015
I really, really, REALLY hope Goofy is a credible source.
01.08.15 - 12:10 AM

Update: Square Enix have responded.

In the oblique, dystopian world that is Kingdom Hearts III news, a small beacon of hope has been lit.

The voice behind Goofy from both previous mainstream installments (and several cartoons), Bill Farmer, has announced from Twitter that Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled for a 2015 release. He went on to say that he has been acting for the game for the past few years and that recording is all wrapped up.

Mr. Farmer kept quiet about any plot revelations. He says that he's had no visual reference and couldn't possibly guess as to which worlds Sora and the crew will be traveling to this time around. He's also said that due to the many recording sessions, he can't remember specific lines that might reveal plot details and/or world locations.

When asked about he sure he was of this information, Mr. Farmer responded by saying that he only knows what he has been told.

Square Enix has yet to issue a statement that confirms or denies this release date claim. Before this minor revelation, Tai Yasue, one of the games co-directors, promised that Kingdom Hearts III would be out "as soon as possible."

Here's to hoping.


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