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Download Unova Starters' Evolutions For Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Emboar is clearly the Serperior choice, though. I mean, come on.
01.22.15 - 11:56 PM

Pokémon Trainers with a soft spot for the starter Pokémon from Unova (myself included!) should make sure their copies of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are updated. Starting today, the Pokémon Company will be distributing special Hidden Ability versions of Serperior, Emboar, and Samurott, the final evolutionary forms for Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott.

Serperior is available starting January 22nd, and will be until November 30th via a special password found on Pokemon.com. Emboar will be available from January 29th to November 30th, again through a password from Pokemon.com. In order to get Samurott, you'll need to sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter before January 31st (the Pokémon itself will be downloadable starting February 5th), and will also require a password that is redeemable until November 30th.

To receive these special Pokémon, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire must be updated to version 1.2.


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