Jesse Woo
New Sword Art Online: Lost Song Media, Trailer, and Details
They pulled out all the stops for this one.
02.01.15 - 4:23 PM

Today we have a ton of new info on Sword Art Online: Lost Song, including new characters, a trailer, and some random tidbits about the game.

New Characters

These two new characters have appeared in the Sword Art Online universe before, but only as supporting cast members. This time around they will join the team in combat.

Sakuya (left) is the lord of the Sylphs and sports a kimono, ankle-length hair, and a katana. Alicia Rue (right) leads the Cait Sith faction and subscribes to the pants-are-too-practical-for-fighting school of martial arts, using metal claws in combat.


The new trailer shows off some locations, combat, and the online multiplayer mode.


From the very beginning of the story players can form parties of 4 from a lobby that houses 16 to tackle online quests for better loot and raw materials that can be used to strengthen weapons. Completing quests opens up more areas of the world, which opens up more quests, in the usual cycle of RPG grinding. While offline quests also provide rewards, going online will present greater challenges and better loot. Because of the difficulty, having a balanced party and cooperating will be vital to success. In addition, the game will get an update sometime after launch that will add a big new feature for online play.


  • Singers Eir Aoi and Luna Haruna will each sing their own theme songs for the game.
  • Each character will have their own episode, but there will be no character-specific endings.
  • The story will take between 20-30 hours to complete.
  • The game's producer has voiced his desire to see the game on PS4.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is scheduled for March 26th in Japan on the PS3 and Vita.


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