Jesse Woo
Tales of Zestiria's Controversial DLC is not an Epilogue
But it is an "after-story," whatever that means.
02.04.15 - 2:55 AM

The latest issue of Famitsu elaborates on the Tales of Zestiria DLC staring Alisha that has many Japanese gamers in a tizzy.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers about the character Alisha follow.

As we have reported before, the Alisha DLC upset many Japanese gamers because the character was marketed as the game's heroine but leaves the party early on, never to return. Many felt this was a move to further monetize the character through DLC, although the episode will be free in Japan through February 28th.

Whatever Bandai Namco's intentions, they are not requiring players to beat the game before playing the Alisha "after-story." Although the episode takes place after a certain important turning point in the plot, it is as yet unclear to us where that point falls in the game's chronology. In the episode, Alisha will reunite with Rose, a heroine who actually stays through the main plot, although their relationship will be strained for some reason. Nevertheless, they will band together to fight a group of radicals with some connection to the Hyoma.

The Alicia Episode: What's Reflected in Her Eyes comes out in Japan on February 12th and will be free through the end of the month. The main game will come out later this year in the West.


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