Peter Triezenberg
Atlus Reveals First Gameplay Footage For Persona 5
Masks! Shoji Meguro! Cats? See Persona 5 in action for the first time.
02.05.15 - 10:05 AM

During their massive Persona-themed livestream, Atlus released a brand-new trailer for the highly anticipated Persona 5, featuring our first real glimpse of the game itself. This was after Atlus teased Persona 5 in Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun with an advert for both P5 and the Persona Super Live concert. The image shows a mysterious figure known as "The Phantom," presumably the main character, as well as text reading "Persona 5 begins" and "Take your Heart." You can check out both the teaser image and the trailer below!

While we're on the subject, a blog post from Persona 5's official website offers a little bit more insight into the game's themes and differences from previous entries in the series. The summary below was given by a kind soul at Neogaf who translated the original post.

It’s a message from Hashino and the dev team to fans. He talks about how Persona 5’s main influences are School Juvenile fiction and Picaresque novels. Unlike previous Persona games where the players were clearly a team on the side of “good” going after a bad guy, this time they’re trying for something a little different. The story is about high school students chasing after their own interpretation of “justice” after an unexpected incident. He hopes fans will enjoy the enhanced graphics and sound in the new entry as well as party members who might be a little more ill-mannered than before.

Persona 5 will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. There's still no set release date, but it is estimated for 2015.


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