Kyle E. Miller
Citizens of Earth Review Extravaganza
Join the battle and become a true citizen!
02.07.15 - 11:20 AM

Vote for Luna Lee: she reviews the most obscure and indie RPGs out there and she does it with grace and panache.
Vote for John Tucker: he reviews more games than you have time to play.
Vote for Neal Chandran: he writes the best metaphors and similes in the industry.

Oh wait, the election is over. The Vice President has already been chosen, and it's some goofy looking guy with a politician's turd-eating grin.

We have three reviews of Atlus and Eden Industries' Citizens of Earth. Luna on PC, John on Vita, and Neal on 3DS. Three opinions, diverse and unique, and yet curiously similar in the end. Check them out.

Citizens of Earth is available now for PC, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PS Vita, and - almost done, whew! - 3DS.