Jesse Woo
Sword Art Online: Lost Song's Magic Runs the Elemental Gamut
Can't have fairy wings without magic.
02.10.15 - 2:51 PM

Magic in Sword Art Online: Lost Song is sure to be a powerful boon in battle. Magic is divided into seven elements, fire, ice, earth, wind, light, dark, and water. Buff and debuff magic operates as a separate category, and players can dish out extra damage by targeting an enemy's elemental weakness. Each magic will also have its own level, which will rise with repeated use. Levelling up magic will make it more powerful and unlock better spells. The different elements function as follows:

  • Fire: powerful and can cause burns, but with a slightly slow cast time.
  • Ice: less powerful, but hits multiple targets with high accuracy and cast time.
  • Earth: strong, but slow and difficult to control.
  • Wind: weak, but fast and hits multiple targets.
  • Water: healing for the caster and the party.
  • Light: similar to Ice and Wind, it hits multiple targets and has the fastest cast times.
  • Dark: slow and difficult to aim because it doesn't attack linearly. Dark element attacks are strong but usually have some additional cost to cast.

You can see all the magic in action in screens in our newly updated gallery.

In addition, the "Switch" feature will switch enemy aggro to another character. It can be used mid-flight and should help keep the squishy teammates out of harm's way.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song comes out in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and Vita.


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