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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Adds Early Boss Fight From Final Fantasy VIII
Is it weird that I really want to be called a "chicken-wuss" in 2D?
02.11.15 - 4:11 PM

In Final Fantasy Record Keeper, players will be able to play as different Final Fantasy characters and traverse through various Final Fantasy games. One of the more recent additions to the game is the Siege of Dollet from Final Fantasy VIII, which has now been transformed into 16-bit, 2D mission.

This adventure comes from the the early hours of Final Fantasy VIII where you fight Biggs and Wedge whenever they aren't too busy gabbing at each other. Before long, X-ATM092 makes an appearance, combining your fear of spiders and robots in one simple boss fight. Since players are given the chance to make create their own parties using different Final Fantasy characters, maybe this time you want the macho power of Cyan and Snow to take the proverbial rolled up newspaper to that spider.

Other recent additions include the Ifrit boss fight from Final Fantasy VIII, as well as Quistis and Selphie added to the party roster. Final Fantasy Record Keeper is available on iOS and Android now in Japan.


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