Scott Clay
More Details On Bravely Second's Guardian Job and Bloody Geist
Ok, the Bloody Geist guy is just freaky.
02.14.15 - 4:05 PM

In a recent press release, Square Enix released new info on Bravely Second's new Guardian job, Asterisk Holder Bloody Geist, and the return of Tiz. Tiz traveled alongside Agnès as one of the four main characters of Bravely Default. It seems after the extinction of the Great Chasm, Tiz managed to stay alive even after he passed out. His role in Bravely Second isn't clear yet, but is sure to be an important part of the story.


The new Guardian job is an offensive class that uses spiritual power to unleash powerful attacks and buff allies. The Guardians may even be capable of using abilities used by other people.

Lastly, we have the new Exorcist Asterisk Holder, Bloody Geist. Bloody Geist is a man surrounded in mystery. His age, origin, and even real name are all unknown. What we do know is that he currently serves Emperor Oblivion and the Grantz Empire. He also suffers from a sanity issue where he is unable to stop himself from hurting others. Bloody Geist does this with his special "Undo" skill, which reverts things to their previous state. It essentially means that he is capable of undoing things that have taken place within the last several turns such as damage taken and MP used. To make matters worse, he can also erase people's memories of when he injured them, leaving them with just their wounds. His unstable mental state brings him much anguish however, and he is seeking an end to his own life.

Bravely Second comes out in Japan on April 23rd for the Nintendo 3DS.


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