Jesse Woo
New Skills and Class Revealed For Etrian Mystery Dungeon
I won't spoil it, but the class rhymes with "funner."
02.16.15 - 2:36 PM

To brave the myriad threats in Etrian Mystery Dungeon, your pint-sized explorer will need wit, stamina, and maybe a little bit of help. Some of that help will come in the form of skills. All characters have access to regular skills, but "Blast Skills" are special abilities that are said to be even more useful. Their exact nature is still a mystery, but they include abilities like "Command All." In addition, when things get hairy the Gunner job class is a master of ranged attacks and has the ability to disable enemies by targeting their body parts. The trailer below also appears to show the Gunner hitting multiple targets in a single turn.

The town of Aslaga is also home to several characters who will help you in your quest. Trendily dressed Magan will assign missions, and Professor Sara operates Sara's Labyrinth Lab. Check them out in our updated gallery.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon comes out in North America on April 7th, 2015 on the Nintendo DS. Atlus is also holding a special sweepstakes where some mysterious swag will be awarded to a lucky winner who shares the Gunner trailer on their Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #EMDmysterybox.


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