Scott Clay
New Details on the First Four Jobs Of Dragon's Dogma Online
That is a big shield.
02.16.15 - 2:42 PM

An update to Dragon's Dogma Online's official website gives us a look into the game's 4 starting jobs: Fighter, Hunter, Priest, and Shield Sage. Though they are meant to be "stater jobs," they will all be powerful in their own right.

Fighters are well balanced in both offense and defense. They excel in close quarters using their sword and shield in order take down powerful enemies and knock away smaller targets. The Fighter's speed and balance allow for quick gap closers in order to make the most out of their close combat capabilities.

Hunters, on the other hand, specialize in attacking from a distance and taking down flying enemies with their precision bow attacks. They provide support for the group by using special arrows, and by taking down strong enemies by exploiting their weak points. The Hunter's natural agility helps them in close combat to evade attacks and close in on enemies.

Priests are the healers for many parties, but they aren't without their own arsenal of self defense. Priests can support the party by holding back enemies at range and by buffing party members. If things get really rough they can also use their magic offensively to defend themselves

And lastly, the Shield Sage is your defensive character. As the name implies they carry large shields which they use to defend themselves, as well as to knock back enemies. They supplement their defense with a small rod to cast some magic attacks. Their shielding skills can also be used to defend their party members, by doing so they can give their party members excellent chances to attack the enemies.

Dragon's Dogma Online is slated for release sometime in Japan during 2015 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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