David Brown
Yo-Kai Watch Coming to North America Thanks to Level-5 And Hasbro
A challenger arises to take on the monster mayhem monopoly that is Pokemon.
02.16.15 - 2:52 PM

Yo Kai Watch, a popular franchise in Japan, is coming to North America due to a partnership between Level-5 and Hasbro. While the fruits of this announcement likely won't be seen until 2016, this is exciting news for fans of Pokémon, Dragon Quest Monsters, or any other monster-catching game.

The announcement came with a small description of the game. "The story centers around a young boy who gets a special watch empowering him to discover and summon mysterious Yo-kai that help him solve problems in his daily life usually caused by other trouble-making Yo-kai." Obviously, the plot seems similar to any Pokémon games, but in Japan, this franchise is almost as popular as its more worldly-known contemporary. Yo Kai Watch games (created by Level-5) have sold more than 6.5 million copies in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. The franchise has also been present in Japan in the forms of an anime series on TV, toys, and manga.

All aspects of the Yo-Kai Watch franchise (show, games, toys) will be coming to North America, though there is no more specific time-frame other than 2016.


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