Peter Triezenberg
Go Camping and Fight a Behemoth in the Final Fantasy XV Demo
Episode Duscae will provide a taste of the next generation of Final Fantasy, and it tastes like monster flesh roasted on a fire.
02.17.15 - 2:45 PM

Next month marks a big moment for Final Fantasy fans. Not only does Final Fantasy Type-0 finally make its way out of Japan, but the world will also get its first taste of the long-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. Famitsu magazine has provided some new details into exactly what Episode Duscae has to offer and what players can expect come March 17th.

The Duscae region is primarily an area filled with plains, along with a tree-covered mountainous zone. Players who do a little more exploring will find their curiosity sated by caves with hidden treasure, although tougher enemies also lie within. Experience points will be gained from defeating enemies, but leveling up occurs when Noctis and crew decide to set up camp for the night. These night-time rendezvous allow for equipment changes, conversations with party members, and for Ignis to prepare a hearty meal that grants various buffs and other effects. Speaking of Ignis, his cooking ability also levels up, and he can prepare dishes using ingredients that can be either purchased or taken from slain monsters. So, perhaps this will be the first Final Fantasy game to feature Flan as a principle desert ingredient?

An objective marker will indicate how to progress in the main quest in Final Fantasy XV, but Episode Duscae isn't without some side content for players to dig into. Teased ever since the very first Versus XIII gameplay reveal, players will finally be able to confront a ferocious Behemoth in Episode Duscae. Dealing with the beast will evidently require a great deal of preparation, but there is a hefty reward for succeeding, and should Noctis fall in battle his allies will be there to revive him. I'm seeing grilled Behemoth steaks on the menu, boys!

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae will be released alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD as a special download code available March 17th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The full game's release date has yet to be determined.


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