Jesse Woo
Edge of Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Wants You to Demo Their Game
And then fund the campaign, obviously.
02.18.15 - 2:49 PM

French indie developer Midgar Studios recently kicked off its Kickstarter campaign for their new JRPG project, Edge of Eternity, which is promised as "both a tribute to the genre and a modern vision of it." To generate interest in the game, they are offering a "pre-alpha" demo with several hours of gameplay to showcase what the four person studio is capable of and what they hope to achieve.

Edge of Eternity's story is set in an open fantasy world called Heryon that is in the midst of an alien invasion. Heryon was a prosperous world thanks to the magical power provided by the crystals the until a technologically advanced alien race invaded without warning. It quickly wiping out Junor, one of the three main nations. Reynan, the Grand General of one of the remaining countries founded the Consortium and used the power of the crystals to push the aliens back to their space ships and into a stalemate. Trapped, the aliens unleashed a biological weapon call Metal Sickness that transforms organic matter into a machine.

30 years later, the story follows Daryon and Selen, who are on the run from the Consortium after being convicted of using technology. Daryon is a hot-headed headed student at the Royal Academy of Astrya who is gifted crystal user and dreams of becoming a Royal Army Officer. Selen is still a mystery but from the game's trailer she is no slouch in combat either.

The game will utilize JRPG staples like character customization and strategic, active time battle combat along with western influences like a non-linear story and a branching scenario, open worlds, and an original weapons evolution system.

The main Kickstarter goal is $44,000 to fund the game on PC. Stretch goals are $60,000 for PS4 and XB1 ports, $75,000 for Nekaroo breeding, $95,000 for a crafting system, and $160,000 for an orchestral score by Yasunori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears fame. To get a better sense of the game, check out the official website, download the demo from their Kickstarter, or watch the trailer below.

The Edge of Eternity demo is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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