Jesse Woo
A Slew of Gadgets Will Help You Explore Xenoblade Chronicles X
Laser-beam your way to treasure and riches!
02.20.15 - 4:01 PM

We have already spilled much digital ink on the vastness of Xenoblade Chronicles X's planet Mira. Exploring this world is central to the game's plot and mechanics, so let's take a look at some of the tools that will help your search.

Exploration is carried out through "Frontier Net Spots," denoted by large beams of light shooting up from the ground. Players can tap these spots with Data Probes yielding information on the area and additional benefits like the unimaginatively named "Miranium" resource. Certain treasures will also allow you to upgrade your probes for better results. Data Probes come in six different types:

Mining Probes increase production of Miranium for you to gather.

Research Probes generate profit from sightseeing in any scenic or secret areas.

Battle Probes strengthen the party when they fight in the area.

Storage Probes increase the maximum amount of Miranium you can store.

Power-up Probes enhance the primary functions of any adjacent probes.

Copy Probes copy the functions of adjacent probes.


Setting a Data Probe will populate your map housed in the Gamepad with information about the area. The map is split into hexagonal segments, which will carry indicators of of the types of missions and features available. However, exploring from the ground level won't always be enough. When you need a bird's eye view of the surroundings but don't have access to your Doll (mech), you will have to rely on the Hopper Camera. The camera shoots up into the air and lets you survey your surroundings. If you still don't know where to go after that, you can always rely on the "Navigation Ball" to get you to your objective.

In addition, we have more information about the alien Ru. We previously reported that he is an artist, but with the new information we now know he is an inventor who sells his creations to the residents of Mira, including humans now.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out on the Wii U April 29th in Japan and later this year in North America and Europe.


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