Peter Triezenberg
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Given HD Treatment [UPDATE: NOPE]
Nothing like a good mid-week hoax...
02.25.15 - 2:32 PM

UPDATE (02/25/15 @ 5:15pm PST): Turns out this whole thing was a hoax, Square Enix confirmed in a statement:

We are aware of the 'FINAL FANTASY MYSTIC QUEST HD Remake' project, and can confirm that it is not a Square Enix project nor endorsed by Square Enix in any way. We take the protection of our IP very seriously, and will be speaking with Dark Design Games to address this matter.

The original story remains below, but thanks to GameSpot, Kotaku and a GameSpot/Reddit user who really did their homework, we know this is not a thing you want to pre-order. Check out this Reddit post for what's really going on in Dark Design's game. Makes their commapny moniker all the more fitting. Also, like GameSpot, we apologize for sharing this information, given what we now know about the project and how likely it is to be nothing more than a scam.

Now then, can we get a legit HD release (might I suggest Final Fantasy XII?) to wash this awful taste out of our mouths?

Original Story:

Remember Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest? It was one of the stranger releases of its day, a 1992 Super Nintendo game designed as an RPG exclusively for Western audiences. A sort of "beginner's Final Fantasy if you will. Mystic Quest has garnered a somewhat infamous reputation for its simpler game mechanics and storyline, not to mention that we seemingly missed out on Final Fantasy V at the time and got it instead.

Now that the history lesson is over, it would seem that this odd piece of Square's past is due for a revival. While Square Enix has yet to make an official announcement, UK-based studio Dark Design has leaked the existence of Mystic Quest: HD Remaster, which will be coming to PC and mobile devices on March 13th for $7.99.

Looking at the leaked footage and screenshots, it would seem that Mystic Quest is getting a number of enhancements in this HD remake, including new textures and audio, and improved gameplay elements such as the ability to have four party members in battle. Some have speculated that the lack of the Final Fantasy name in the title is to distance Mystic Quest: HD Remaster from the Final Fantasy franchise and have it carve out its own identity.


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