Jesse Woo
First New Langrisser Game in 15 Years Coming to 3DS
Hopefully it has aged like a fine wine.
02.26.15 - 1:57 AM

Gamers from the early 1990s will be pleased to hear that Masaya's classic strategy RPG Langrisser will see a new game on the 3DS. The original game come out in 1991 under the American name Warsong, and the series then saw five major installments on Sega consoles, the last one on the Dreamcast, before going dormant. While the Growlanser series was developed by the same company and is considered a spiritual sequel, there has not been a new Langrisser game in 15 years.

That will soon change, as a new installment is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The new game revolves around a conflict between three major powers, the Brightness, the Imperials, and the Darkness. The Brightness is a group that worships the Goddess Luciris and is strengthening its military to brace for a conflict with the powerful Imperials. They are mainly relying on a hero who can wield the legendary Langrisser to come to their aid.


The Imperials are ruled by a powerful family and rely on a flying fortress left over from an ancient civilization called the "Ark" to ensure military supremacy over most of the continent. It is an industrial nation that has also used railroads to transport artillery and weapons to support its military.

The Darkness is a third faction unaffiliated with either nation, and in fact they frequently suffer oppression at the hands of the other two. This may be related to the fact that many of them possess special powers. They are led by a man called "Prince of Darkness Bozel," who has united the disparate people.

Some of the other characters, pictured left to right below, include Elma, Alus, Towa, and Rosalia. Jessica, a series staple who is reincarnated in every iteration of the game, will also appear. Hiroshi Kaieda is in charge of the character designs.

Combat plays out on a grid, and players must employ mercenaries through the Mercenary Guild to bring soldiers to the field. Of course, mercenaries do not come cheap, so players must decide between fielding a small number of elite troops or a larger army of grunts. Masaya has promised familiar SRPG battles that require you to either destroy all enemies or achieve specific objectives. Story scenes will also unfold on the battlefield.


Langrisser is in development for the Nintendo 3DS. It does not yet have a release date.


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