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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Announced For US Release
DeNA and Square team up for mobile goodness.
02.26.15 - 10:40 AM

DeNA and Square Enix have announced that they will be bringing Final Fantasy: Record Keeper to the west for both iOS and Android in Spring 2015. Described as, "the first mobile game where players will be able to experience the complete Final Fantasy universe," Record Keeper lets players relive moments across all Final Fantasy titles from a huge roster of characters.

Record Keeper will use the Active Time Battle system the series is known for, and each character can be customized with equipment, spells, and even summons.

"Final Fantasy: Record Keeper delivers the ultimate Final Fantasy experience for the dedicated and passionate fans of this franchise and we are excited to work with Square Enix to bring it to players worldwide this spring," said Shintaro Asako, CEO of DeNA West.

"We have seen great success with Final Fantasy: Record Keeper in Japan, with over five million downloads since the game launched," said Ichiro Hazama, Producer at Square Enix. "From classic characters and iconic moments to the legendary battle system, the game is resonating with fans and mobile gamers alike."

Fans who would like to get a head start can pre-register at FinalFantasyRecordKeeper.com for updates and a special unlock of Tidus from Final Fantasy X.

Check out how Final Fantasy: Record Keeper plays in the trailer below!


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