Jesse Woo
Mevius Final Fantasy Looks Like a Console Game in Your Pocket
02.27.15 - 4:42 PM

After promising a "high quality RPG" to rival the console experience on mobile platforms, Square Enix has released a set of seven screenshots of Mevius Final Fantasy, providing tantalizing details on the game's story, combat, and job classes. We have a sampling below, and you can see the full set in our gallery.


Here, the protagonist happens upon a pretty young woman trapped in crystal. Could she be the mysterious "Voice" who is guiding the hero through this strange land, or merely the objective that the Voice drives him toward? She is one of many enigmas in the game's story, but a Moogle, a series staple, will accompany the hero as he unravels the mystery.

Combat uses both physical and magical attacks, and exploiting elemental weaknesses will be critical to success. Defeated enemies drop "Elements," which you will use to unlock new and more powerful abilities. Players can execute multiple attacks per turn simply by tapping the screen.


Job classes will be central to combat as well, granting different abilities and stats to best suit the task, or bad guy, at hand. Last time we showed you the Ranger class, who attacks at short range with duel wielded daggers and high mobility. Here, we have the familiar Black Mage, who excels at high damage elemental magic.


Mevius Final Fantasy supports the new-to-iOS 8 Metal API, which is built to improve and optimize performance across the CPU and GPU of devices with Apple's A7 and A8 chips (which ship in the iPhone 5S and above, or iPad Air or above). Square Enix has promised superior graphics while still optimizing the game to run on as many devices as possible. However, the proof will be out in Japan this spring on iOS and Android platforms.


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