Peter Triezenberg
New Dungeon Crawler Ray Gigant Coming to Vita
Sounds like a sci-fi version of Attack on Titan. I'm game.
03.01.15 - 2:34 PM

Bandai Namco and Experience are bringing an all-new dungeon crawler to the PlayStation Vita. Entitled Ray Gigant, this game is set in the year 20XX where humanity is under siege from giant monsters known as the Gigant. One young man from Tokyo, Eren... I mean, Ichiya Amakaze, is able to succeed where countless military efforts failed by taking down the Titan... er, the Gigant, by wielding a mysterious power known as Yorigami. After unleashing this power, Ichiya passes out and his powers go wild, destroying his city.

Okay, so it's actually nothing at all like Attack on Titan. The Gigants of Ray Gigant are based off of ancient gods, and apparently come from outer space. They range from ordinary enemies to towering bosses, and it'll be up to Ichiya and comrades to defend humanity from these monstrosities. You can see a couple of screenshots and the debut trailer for Ray Gigant below.


Ray Gigant will be available this summer in Japan.


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