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Alphadia Genesis 2 Available Now For Android
More mobile gaming for your buck.
03.03.15 - 2:07 PM

Looking for a new mobile RPG to keep you busy on the bus? Are you a fan of the first Alphadia Genesis? If you meet this criteria then hooray, because Kemco just announced that Alphadia Genesis 2 is available now on the Google Play Store.

In Alphadia Genesis 2, there is a conflict between two opposing elements, known as white and black energi. The Atramian people are infected with black energi, prompting the Empire (there's always one, isn't there?) to launch a campaign of genocide against them. A young man named Dion survives the assault on his village and seeks to discover the truth behind the Empire's attack.

Like its predecessor, Alphadia Genesis 2 is a traditional RPG that features two-dimensional sprites in the environment, and three-dimensional character models in battle. It retains all of the features present in the original game, along with a new useful feature: an adjustable encounter rate! Bravely Default would be proud. Alphadia Genesis 2 will normally cost $9.99 US, but as a special launch deal, it is currently just $4.99. Check out the launch trailer below!


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