Peter Triezenberg
Check Out the Alien Species of Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X
What manner of creatures await you on this mysterious planet?
03.19.15 - 3:41 PM

The planet Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X is home to all kinds of strange and exotic alien wildlife, perfectly content to live out their lives grazing in the fields until some uppity adventurer shows up and murders them for loot and XP (you monster). Well, some of them are herbivorous, at least, while others are predators, some resemble dinosaurs, or perhaps giant flying whale monsters. Some of these creatures have unique names and pose a threat to humans, and are known as the "Overed." These Overed monsters will often be the targets of quests. Whatever the case may be, the official website for Xenoblade Chronicles X has some new information regarding the alien species of Mira that players will encounter on their travels.

The Brass Zeus, pictured above, is a boar-like creature that will have different coloration and body hair depending on whether it is male or female. Also pictured above is the Stone Hippo, which despite their fearsome tusks, are gentle creatures often found near bodies of water.

The Wood Fontera are 6 meters tall, and are akin to giraffes in that they use their elongated necks in order to eat tree leaves. To the right is the Everlast Milesauro, which you may recognize from trailers and gameplay footage. These Brontosaurus-like animals don't attack humans and are quite peaceful.

Next we have the Lake Rutorl and the Quick Strutt. Lake Rutorl are mammals that live near bodies of water, and act similarly to dogs and cats- they're so cute! Quick Strutts, on the other hand, are flightless birds similar to ostriches.

Junior Simius are bipedal, ape-like creatures that also have two pairs of arms. They have a tendency to travel in groups, and are often accompanied by their much larger parents.

Of the creatures you probably don't want to mess with on Mira, the Young Lups is probably one of them. They're ferocious carnivores who will attack humans on sight, even if they are in the process of hunting other prey. Proceed with due caution!

On the less vicious end of the spectrum, we have Docile Ois, small herbivores with a little pom-pom on the end of their tails. The Moogles would approve! The insect-like Youth Vasalt is pictured to the right. They often use their sickle-like appendages to dig holes.

Finally, we have the Welkin Lukiora, the aforementioned flying whales. They tend to float around their own territories, calmly encircling the skies. Something tells me that it might be a bad idea to mess with these guys, too, but what do I know?

There's also a brief new video clip, which you can check out below. Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to the Wii U on April 29th in Japan and at a later date in North America and Europe.


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