Jesse Woo
Disgaea 5 Video Reveals More Mechanics with Characteristic Flair
By which I mean bright lights and explosions.
03.27.15 - 2:14 AM

The Disgaea series has never been content to rest on its laurels, always tweaking and experimenting with its signature style of over the top SRPG gameplay. Now, a new video shows some more of the tweaks that will make it into Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

The video starts with a clip of the opening movie, and then shows the scene where overlord characters Serephina and Killua meet. Just as Serephina and her flock of prinnies appear to face annihilation at the hands of the Lost, Killua shows up in the middle of the battlefield casually eating a rice-bowl made from the eggs of the Thousand-Year Dragon. After finishing his delicious meal, he single-handedly defeats the Lost and Seraphina proclaims that she has found her prince.

The video goes on to show combat staples like tossing characters, but also introduces the Revenge and Secret Demon Arts mechanics. Characters have Revenge meters that fill when they take damage or an ally is knocked out. Filling the meter triggers Revenge Mode, boosting stats and allowing access to Secret Demon Arts by Overlord characters. Secret Demon Arts are powerful attacks unique to a character and can turn the tide in battle.

Overlord characters can also execute Union Attacks when they are standing adjacent to one another. These attacks are unique to each pair of Overlords, and not every pair will have a Union Attack together. The video finishes off with a look at character creation at the Scout Shop and the Dark Assembly, as well as more footage of the Character World.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance comes out on the PlayStation 4 on March 26th in Japan. A Western release is planned for this fall.


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