Peter Triezenberg
Developer of Type-0 HD HexaDrive Helping With Final Fantasy XV
3rd Birthday and Type-0 HD alums are helping to bring us the next evolution of Final Fantasy.
04.06.15 - 5:17 PM

Square Enix has been making steady progress with the development of Final Fantasy XV, and they're not without help. Companies such as XPEC Entertainment, a Taiwanese Company, and HexaDrive, who developed the recent Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, have been heavily involved with the process, with HexaDrive having been involved with the project ever since it's early pre-Luminous Engine days.

HexaDrive began helping out with Final Fantasy XV shortly before its change from Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3 2013. According to the game's art director, Tomohiro Hasegawa, “...we went with the high-objective development style we’ve seen in conventional Final Fantasy titles and the Kingdom Heart series, but we had a difficult time in shaping it together, and kept at it, going through trial-and-error." As a fun side fact, for the creation of the Episode Duscae demo, HexaDrive and Square Enix actually went location scouting in the Chiba Prefecture in order to get ideas for dungeon design.

Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for PS4 and XB1.


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