Andrew Barker
Uncover Vampires in Layton 7
But you’ll have to cooperate with others to do so.
04.16.15 - 3:49 PM

In case you missed it, Layton 7 is coming to smartphones; our favourite top-hatted puzzle professor will soon be tapping and swiping our screens. Unlike the previous adventure-based puzzle solvers in the series, Layton 7 will employ rather different game design and mechanics.

As seen in the all-new demonstration above, the goal of Layton 7 is to determine which character is a vampire. In order to do that, however, they’ll need to communicate with other players by using keywords. After a first guess, the game tells all players how many accusations were correct, but not who was right. It’s then up to players to relay or bluff using the keywords.

To complicate matters, each player will be assigned a particular role. During the game’s "night phase" role-specific abilities can be used. These include (as shown in the video) the Fortuneteller’s power to inspect 2 players and discover if either is the vampire. Of course, even if they figure it out, they then have to relay the information so other players can vote alongside them.

Just to be trickier, players will not know the roles other players have either. Non-vampiric players can only win once they finally vote on the correct vampire. For the vampire, it’s their goal to assault villagers. Assault enough before they’re discovered and they win.

Layton 7 will be available this summer in Japan on Android and iOS. No Western release has been announced at this time.


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