Scott Clay
Bravely Second's Fencer and Bishop Job Spotlight
A few jobs from Bravely Default are returning as well.
04.18.15 - 6:38 PM

A few days ago, the Fencer and Bishop jobs were announced for Bravely Second: End Layer. Thanks to 4Gamer we have a bit more info and some pictures of the two new jobs. There will also be 3 more returning jobs from Bravely Default that brings the total number of announced jobs to 28 so far. There are supposedly 30 jobs total in the game, so we have 2 more to look forward too.

Fencers will be damage dealers who use "Stances" to perform special abilities. The "Bison Horn" stance increases defense, while the "Falcon Claw" stance increases speed and allows the Fencer to four consecutive attacks.

Bishops are healers that wield "Holy Magic". The spell "Heal" is your standard cure skill, but they also have spells such as "Divine Night" which turns damage into HP during defaults. One of the job's traits is "Reiteration" that will increase spell potency whenever the player uses it twice.

Returning from Bravely Default are the Templar, Dark Knight, and the Ninja along with their Asterisk Holders.

That isn't all that is new! We also have a look into a few new parts of Bravely Second. In the images below we can see that players will get to travel by boat to cross shallow waters. Other vehicles and modes of transportation will be available as well. The new Hot-Spring Village of Yunohana is a new locale that you can visit by using these vehicles.

Bravely Second: End Layer comes out in Japan on April 23rd on the Nintendo 3DS. A Western release date has not been announced yet.


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