Jesse Woo
The Multiple Versions of Fire Emblem If Explained
50 shades of Fire Emblem.
05.01.15 - 1:15 PM

The split of Fire Emblem If's story into White Kingdom, Black Kingdom, and an unnamed third version may have been confusing, but key developers from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems spoke to 4Gamer to make everything clear. They previously promised that separately, each version has the same content as Fire Emblem: Awakening, and now they explain that the ease of releasing DLC prompted the choice to create additional content, rather than charge double for a longer game.

White Kingdom Dancer

Whether you accept that explanation or not, the fact remains that Fire Emblem If promises three full length versions of the story for those who wish to play, and pay for, them. White Kingdom is said to be the easiest and geared towards newcomers to the series and those who liked Fire Emblem: Awakening. Black Kingdom will not only be more difficult but have more variety of mission objectives such as suppressing an enemy, breaking through enemy lines, or defending the base. If the difficulty is too great however there is always the option to change it mid game. In addition, the two versions will have different characters and stories. The third version, which will be available later as DLC only, will have its own unique story, and its difficulty will be somewhere in between the other two. Finally, the developers promised Street Pass functionality, although its exact nature is still under development.

Fire Emblem If comes out for the 3DS in Japan on June 25th and sometime in 2016 in the West.