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Persona 4: Dancing All Night Gameplay Updates and DLC Info
Uptown Naoto Gonna Give It to Ya!
05.01.15 - 11:55 PM

A bunch of new details on Persona 4: Dancing All Night have been released thanks to a bunch of Japanese publications. On top of this there are new Nagato and Nanako trailers, and information on the first DLC for the game has been released. If that wasn't enough, we have a bunch of new screenshots in our gallery for you to enjoy.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Gameplay

What we know of Dancing All Night's gameplay has been very basic so far, but that has changed in the last week. At the start of the game players choose their song, difficulty, character costumes, and partner character. It should be noted that each song has it's own pre-set character and these can not be changed. Once you have started a song, the basic gameplay will have you pressing the up, left, right, triangle, circle, and X buttons as they overlap the target, a sound effect of your choosing plays as you hit the button. There will be three different types of notes to hit: the basic star note which requires a button tap, the H note which requires you to hold the button down, and the U note which combines two buttons.

A blue ring can also appear in the center of the screen which is known as the "Scratch" ring. In order to get bonus points, players must flick the analog stick when the ring crosses the standard button target. If you miss you will not be penalized, but getting a high score without mastering this Scratch mechanic will be harder as you progress in the game. If you choose to use the touchpad, Scratches can be achieved by swiping the screen anywhere except the button icons.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Scratch Ring

If you come across a rainbow-colored "Fever Ring", you can activate it the same as normal Scratch ring, but doing so nets you a star in the upper right portion of the screen. If players can manage to hold on to 3 stars as they enter certain parts of a song, then they will enter "Fever Mode". Fever Mode cranks up the action on the screen making it more difficult to mess up, but completing certain conditions in Fever Mode can allow a second character to join in on the dance as a partner. Massive amounts of points will be given out to those that can master the Fever Mode.

Persona 4: Dancing All Nigh Fever Mode

If you finish a song and achieve a certain score, a cut-in will play where your Persona will appear and play a music instrument. A result screen will then come up that includes the amount of P$ (Persona Dollars) you earned. This currency can be used to buy different costumes, among other things.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Persona Cut-In

The DLC for this game will be starting at launch, as Atlus announced that first print copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night will include a "Woman's Swimsuit Set". The set includes 4 swimsuits outfits, one for Chie, Yukiko, Rise, and Naoto. The DLC will be put up on the PlayStation Network in case you miss your chance to snag this for free.

Speaking of Naoto, she is the highlight of this week's Dancing All Night trailer, and not to be outdone, Nanako has a trailer of her own as well. You can check out their dance moves in the trailers below.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be available in Japan on June 25th for the PlayStation Vita. No Western release has been announced at this time.


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