Scott Clay
New Details on Tokyo Xanadu's Combat System
With pictures galore.
05.04.15 - 5:59 PM

Some new combat details on Falcom's Tokyo Xanadu popped up this week, along with pretty new screenshots. In order to survive in Tokyo Xanadu, players will need to make the most of their character's abilities, and use proper party set-up in order to get the most out out of the "Cross Drive" and "Cross Strike" abilities.

Each character in Tokyo Xanadu will have their own Soul Device that allows them to use different skills along with their own specific "Cross Strike" ability. As previously reported, Yuuki Shinomiya is one of the 4 announced characters, and his Soul Device, "Hammer", allows him to hit hard but slow. Yuuki can also use an independent unit called a "Soul Peridium" which sets him apart from the other 3 characters Kou, Asuka, and Sora.

Tokyo Xanadu Yuuki Shinomiya

The first of Yuuki's abilities is his shooting skill called "Lambda Shot". The skill fires energy bullets from the Soul Peridium allowing him to fire while moving unlike the other characters.

Yuuki Shinomiya's Lambda Shot

His flight skill is "Ideal Attack"(Bottom Left), which deploys a barrier around Yuuki allowing him to rush at and knock down enemies in his path. When it comes to pure strength, Yuuki can't be beat! His strength skill, "Gram Impact"(Bottom Right), combines the Soul Peridium with his Hammer allowing him to strike the ground and create a huge shock wave.

Yuuki Shinomiya's Flight Skill Yuuki Shinomiya's Gram Impact

Finally we come to Yuuki's Cross Strike ability, "Variable Meteor". Cross Strikes are powerful special moves unique to each character that can be executed when the "Strike Point" at the bottom right of the screen(hexagonal icon) is filled by using standard and skill attacks. Variable Meteor multiples Yuuki's Soul Peridium allowing him to attack from all angles. After the onslaught is over they will fuse into one giant Soul Peridium which then drops on the enemy like a meteor.

Yuuki Shinomiya's Cross Drive > Yuuki Shinomiya's Cross Drive

The other characters are not to be outdone when it comes to the Cross Strike ability, and their abilities are just as powerful. Kou uses his Cross Strike "Extend Gear" to change his anchor weapon into a whip like structure that slices surrounding enemies. The anchor then enlarges and flies into the center of the surrounding enemies doing massive damage to them all.

Kou's Extend Gear

Asuka has the Cross Strike "Criminal Brand"(bottom left), which allows her to set off a series of rapid and continuous attacks. Asuka then jumps into the sky and throws her Soul Device at the enemy, creating a huge crystal flower that blooms and damages the enemies around it. And finally we have Sora's "Fuujin Kokushou"(bottom right), which has Sora gaining a large amount of energy in her hands and unleashing it on the enemy in a large stream of high speed attacks.

Asuka's Criminal Brand Sora's Fuujin Kokushou

If this wasn't enough to take down your enemies, players also have access to the Cross Drive ability. Cross Drive is activated when the bar on the bottom right hits 100%, and during Cross Drive your character's speed, power, and resistances are all increased. In addition, Co-op attacks with your partner character will also see a huge boost allowing you to dish out a large amount of damage.

Tokyo Xanadu Cross Drive

Not much is known as to why the character's can use these amazing abilities, but we do know they are not alone. A mysterious organization named "Nemesis" is a global network of people who have talent in magic, spirit power, and wizard tools. If anyone is detected to have any "Other World" powers, then they are recruited by Nemesis and can start training in order to control that power.

Tokyo Xanadu is due out for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 30th.