Scott Clay
Sword Art Online: Lost Song English Version Heading to Asia
No announcement for the West yet.
05.06.15 - 4:39 PM

Bandai Namco have been working on an English version of Sword Art Online: Lost Song, but unfortunately it is only headed to Asian markets for now. The game will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, and is due out next week. The only thing to remain in Japanese will be the voice acting.

Sword Art Online Anime Characters

The PlayStation 3 and Vita game allows you to control the characters of the anime series as they do battle in the online world of Alfheim Online. The Japanese version of the game has been updated a few times so far, and a large update is planned for the end of May.

Sword Art Online Battle Scene

If your interested in trying the English Sub for the game you can buy it from Play-Asia for $54.99.